We are Professional Consultants.  As such, our mission is to deliver best-in-class Citrix technology solutions via a proven and streamlined service delivery process.  Over the course of many years, we have developed our methodology to be successfully repeated regardless of the Citrix technology, client industry, and final use case.  The intimate details of Our Methodology are the “Golden Ticket” that has differentiated us from most every other Citrix Partner in existence.

It seems really simple on the surface and everyone says they follow the same steps.  We work with clients and partners around the world and nobody has mastered the “art” like we have.  Our projects flow very smoothly and are completed within minimal calendar time.


startup-photosThis process starts early on during the Sales and Decision process.  Our desire is to be engaged early to make sure that the purchasing decisions are properly aligned so that the end result delivers on your technology vision.

We look at a design as a building block, a construction foundation if you will.  If the foundation is solid, you can build as many walls wherever you want.  We all know that requirements change, so our Solutions Designs are built with this knowledge in mind and can easily be adjusted to incorporate new and ever expanding requirements.

Once the aforementioned alignment has occurred, we begin our proprietary Information Gathering process and develop a complete Solutions Design for full agreement prior to configuration of any component.  At the same time, product acquisition typically is in process.



We partner with our customers.  Oftentimes, consultants require a full “outsourcing” effort when they engage with a customer.  Our desire is to compliment your strengths and internal knowledge with ours.  This means that we all have critical path responsibilities associated with the deployment.  Our methodology ensures that you maintain the keys to YOUR kingdom, not us.  Ultimately, the solution that we build will interface with your entire business and it is important to us that you know and understand everything.  We want you to be integral part of the final delivered solution; “A WORK OF ART” – that we build together!

Our streamlined processes have made the “Deploy” phase very short and once the design has been deployed, your acceptance testing can begin.

Migration strategies are typically very simple – generally a NAT or DNS change will suffice.



Nobody likes to create documentation.  We have learned over the course of many years that proper documentation can mean the difference between a properly functioning and oiled machine and a complete mess.

In 2012, we went into a previous Citrix client that we deployed way back in 2001.  Yeah believe it or not, it was still running!  Although it was still in production, there was one significant “pain point” that had gone unresolved for a couple of years.  Fortunately the client still had the documentation developed in 2001 by us and we were able to resolve the issue within minutes.  Our documentation is not only a complete run book, it also outlines the logic and way that things function.